Volunteers Needed Always!

Please consider giving a little of your time to help your student's school. Contact School Council at eeeschoolcouncil@hotmail.com or find us on Facebook and follow us!

More help needed coming up:

1. Special event lead: it would be great to have a dance. Ideas: winter theme, New Years eve theme, 100 days of school theme. Please watch for sign ups through the newsletter or our facebook page.

2. Fundraising lead: many hands make light work, but someone to lead and organize the start up and follow through of fundraising would be appreciative.

3. Showcase night auction items: Just help set up and tear down the sign up sheets.

4. Staff appreciation helpers: would like to do a meal or something for staff on showcase nights, if you can contribute food we will be sending out a menu for you to help with. Buns, salad, etc....

5. Fun Lunch helpers. We have people in place leading this, but if you are interested in helping, that is great.



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