Who We Are...

Our Mission:


At École Edwards we develop and empower leaders and learners.

À l'École Edwards, nous développons et responsabilisons les leaders et les apprenants.

Our Vision:

Together we…Belong Learn Succeed

Ensemble nous... Appartenons Apprenons Réussissons


At Edwards, we believe:

  • reading is the foundation for successful life-long learning
  • students’ needs differ and it is our responsibility to help each learner reach their own personal excellence
  • together we recognize and celebrate the success of everyone
  • our learners are prepared to be leaders for life


At Edwards, we have PBIS:

We strive to meet the needs of all children by using a whole child approach. The ‘Whole Child’ approach is an effort to transition from a focus on academic achievement to one that promotes the long-term development and success of all children under our care.

One of the foundations that will help to bolster this growth is continued development of a sense of belonging for all through our Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports (PBIS) which teaches students our 4 school-wide expectations:

- We belong / Nous appartenons
- We care / Nous nous sommes attentionés 
- We do our best / Nous faisons de notre mieux
- We are independent / Nous sommes indépendants

Our PBIS Matrix comes from the Circle of Courage that is the foundation of our school’s character-building program. Our school recognizes the importance and the desire of all children to feel like they belong and are respected in their school community. All children have the desire to be loved and find a place where they fit in. At École Edwards we value each child, and it is so important for students to feel like they have a supportive community around them at school. This strong sense of community will give our students and staff a sense of belonging in the class with their peers, on the playground and in their school community.



French Immersion at École Edwards Elementary School

At École Edwards, we are proud to provide French immersion programming. French immersion offers students much more than another language; French language learning promotes flexible thinking and opens doors to the world. Children who are exposed to new languages tend to learn them quickly due to their neuroplasticity, or the brain’s ability to create links and pathways as they learn new things, and they continue to have higher levels of neuroplasticity over their lifetimes. Thanks to the workout that learning a new language gives the brain, students in the French Immersion program develop heightened listening, memory, and problem-solving skills. Bilingual learners also develop an appreciation for culture and a greater understanding of the world around them as learning French makes students part of the 275 million people who speak French worldwide! Being French speakers in Canada, students benefit by being able to apply for more jobs as they head into the workforce, and have opportunities to use their French in 29 countries around the world who also have French as an official language. Our students are proud of their language learning and would be more than happy to have a conversation in French with you.

To learn more about RVS French Immersion programming click here.


How are students supported in their learning?

RVS believes all students can and want to learn, to belong, and to experience mastery and independence within their learning. We believe inclusive education and inclusion in schools, classrooms and learning environments is the best way to nurture and accomplish success for all. At École Edwards we work hard to care for and support all students towards success in their learning.

RVS' Learning Supports team works closely with school staff to support students with learning, social/emotional, sensory, behavioural, physical, cognitive, adaptive, communication, physical and mental health care needs to flourish and to meet their full potential academically, socially, and emotionally. At École Edwards we have a strong and knowledgable team working closely together, collaborating and problem solving, to support students in their strengths, based on their needs.

To learn more about RVS student supports click here.

To learn more about RVS online school options click here.

To learn more about RVS expectations for instruction, assessment, inclusion, and professional learning click here.


Alberta Education Student Competencies

Competencies are combinations of attitudes, skills and knowledge that students develop and apply for successful learning, living and working. Alberta's curriculum promotes development of the following competencies:



Students use and develop competencies when they encounter unfamiliar or challenging situations. Competencies help students draw and build upon what they know, how they think and what they can do. At École Edwards we embed the student competencies throughout learning experiences everyday, and provide a general comment on student growth in these areas at teh end of the school year.

To learn more about Alberta Education Student Competencies click here.

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