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Come to Edwards to find the leader in you. 
Leave with the tools to be a leader for life.




At École Edwards we develop and empower leaders and learners. Together we recognize and celebrate the success of everyone. Our learners are prepared to be leaders for life.

Together we…Learn Succeed Lead

Ensemble nous... Apprenons Réussissons  Dirigeons

At Edwards, we believe:

  • reading is the foundation for successful life-long learning
  • students’ needs differ and it is our responsibility to help each learner reach his or her own personal excellence
  • through our Leader in Me initiative, which teaches our learners the 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, we will succeed in empowering each student to be a leader in their own way


How are the needs of 21st century learners being supported at École Edwards?

21st century learning involves a strong focus on all literacies. How we teach our 21stcentury learners has changed significantly, particularly with the infusion of technology. Critical thinking and problem solving are at the core of this teaching.

Authentic learning opportunities are critical to our students. Various opportunities are given on a weekly basis for staff to synergize in order to develop meaningful differentiated lessons to meet the needs of all learners. Incorporating the use of technology into these lessons is an important component in all classrooms. Every classroom is equipped with a SMARTboard that is used on a daily basis. Videoconferencing and the use of skype allow our students to reach people they otherwise wouldn’t be in contact with. iPads, iPod touches, laptop computers and various other forms of assistive technologies are all tools used to support our learners and assist them with being self directed learners. Our use of the Daily 5 framework (a school wide focus on reading and writing) also contributes to self directed learning in each classroom.

Students have ongoing opportunities to develop their leadership skills through our Leader in Me initiative. Effective communication, collaboration and problem solving are targeted through the 7 habits. Using critical inquiry through project-based learning is ongoing. Being civically engaged and globally aware is a clear focus as we continue our journey of achieving Jade Status through our environmental and stewardship projects.

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