Education Plan Survey

To achieve the RVS Four-Year Plan goals École Edwards continues to focus on providing strong literacy and numeracy opportunities, inclusive learning with a focus on ensuring everyone belongs, building school culture through our Teams program, and creating positive, safe spaces through our PBIS program and our new school Matrix.

This year the Edwards Team is drilling into our literacy and numeracy practices along with ensuring that we are focused on meeting the needs of all students. We have implemented coaching opportunities in which teachers are supported in their development of their literacy, numeracy, and inclusion practices. Our teachers have created Class Reviews, participated in Collaborative Problem Solving opportunities, and have worked closely with our learning support, admin, parents and RVS specialist to ensure the needs of all students are being met. Every child’s interests, passions, and needs are at the center of programming. At Edwards our teachers, design learning to expand knowledge beyond the classroom and to support their students in understanding why their learning is important and how it can make a difference in their lives.

At Edwards we care about the development of the whole child. We endeavour to create learning environments that foster student voice, choice, fairness, compassion, diversity, citizenship, opportunity, and community engagement. As a dual-track French Immersion school, we strive to create learning opportunities that promote cultural appreciation, curiosity, and visibility for all.  This year our school has created a new vision in which at Edwards we foster belonging, learning and success. We not only want students to feel like they belong, but are empathetic, resilient, active, and valued members of their school community. As a community, we value equality, fairness and sustainability and reinforce those values through our PBIS and House Team Program.

Our staff understand that the one of the most important aspects of learning is the connections to their teacher and other adults in the building. We strive to help our students develop their creativity, confidence, communication, and social skills so that they become confident and engaged learners.

To view or download a copy of our 2021/22 Education Plan Survey Results, click here.

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