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Kindergarten Registration & Attendance Areas

RVS letters outlining 2017/18 attendance area changes and details regarding Kindergarten Registration can be viewed here.

Attendance Area Changes

Please take a moment to read these letters from RVS regarding the 2017/18 opening of 2 new schools in Airdrie.  Each one outlines important information on how these changes will affect Edwards students.  One pertains to Parents/Guardians of all students and the other is directed to Parents/Guardians of French Immersion students.

Kindergarten Advanced Registration

For important information regarding Edwards Kindergarten Registration process please CLICK HERE.

PLEASE NOTE: We will be revising our registration process to eliminate the previous AM/PM Placement lottery process.  Morning and afternoon placements will be made by the school with some consideration given to parent requests on a first-come first-served basis.

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