School Cash Online


Q: Why does School Cash Online not recognize my child's ID number?

A: Your child has two ID numbers (Alberta Education and RVS ID number).  The number to attach your child to your School Cash Online Account is the RSV number.  It will be an 8 digit number starting with a 5 or a 5-digit number for people new to the area. The number can be found on the bottom of last year’s report. Please contact the office if you need further assistance.

Q: I purchased a milk card/token online. When will my child receive it?

A: Once the transaction has cleared the bank it will show on the item order report in School Cash. The card will be made that day and put into the teacher’s mailbox. It is usually a 1 to 2 day turnaround.

Q: Why do I no longer see the item on School Cash Online?

A: Most items have an expiry date.  Once that date is past it is no longer available to purchase.

Q: Can I still purchase items with cash or cheque?

A: Our goal is to reduce the amount of cash and cheques in the schools. Correct change is required as teachers do not have floats in their classrooms. Please ensure it is in a sealed envelope with the correct form.



 Click Here to view a short video showcasing the benefits of School Cash Online.


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