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2023-2024 School Council Executive

We are always looking for parent leaders to help with fundraising and events.  Please contact us if you are interested:

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The Executive positions for the 2023-2024 year are:

Jacelyn Rohleder - Chair

Darcy Searcy - Vice Chair

Amanda Gauthier - Treasurer

Cayla Bergeron-Campbell - Secretary


To learn more about school council please view the links below:

School Council Operating Procedures

School Council 1 Year Plan (example of previous years)

Friends of School Council

PACE (Parents Action Committee for Education)

  • A Non-Profit Society which accesses funds generated by casinos and chooses to donate those funds to the school (school councils' can't do casinos, so a non-profit is created to run it on behalf of the school councils). This is the only work PACE does.
  • Approx every 3 years PACE is commissioned to fill area casino volunteer positions for a 2 day time frame.   We earn a portion of the casino’s earnings during that time.

Our last casino was in December of 2019 and we received approximately $43,000!

Our next casino is scheduled for September 28th and 29th 2023! Sign Up at this link to volunteer for a spot! CLICK HERE for volunteering times.


Donation Program
Did you know that when our school helps a student in need, fund a field trip, or buy winter boots, this money comes out of the school budget?
Now parents can help purchase these items for our students by making a donation to the Student Care Committee via school cash online.

• Donations will be used to meet material needs of all students and to ensure everyone can participate in school culture activities
• Funds raised will be allocated by school administration and our Child Development advisor Kerry Butler
• How donated funds were used will be reported in December and June school newsletters
• If the donation line disappears from school cash online it means we have received enough money for the time being. It will reappear when it is needed again.
• More money will stay in the school budget – a win-win for everyone!

In the 2022/2023 school year donations were spent to cover school
fees, provide field trips, purchase fruit and vegetables for children who need it, purchase spare clothing for when it was required and to lend a hand to families in need.


More Information

Alberta Education Act

Alberta Education Act (Section 55 is relevant to School Council)

Alberta School Act

Alberta School Act School Councils Regulation (Regulation 113/2007)

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