Learners are Supported

Learners feel well, safe, valued and respected.

  1. (AE) Percentage of teachers, parents, and students who agree that students are safe at school, learning the importance of caring for others, learning respect for others and are treated fairly at school.
  2. (RVS) Percentage of students, parents, and staff who agree that learning environments are caring, safe, and respectful and promote wellness.


  • Increased PL on social and emotional needs of children
  • Use Daily News to continue with daily random acts of kindness/bucket filling messages & Dare to Care Strategies
  • Create a usable student code of conduct reflecting the 7 habits

Learning is accessible, individualized, and challenging.

  1. (AE) Percentage of teachers, parents, and students satisfied with the overall quality of basic education.
  2. (RVS) Percentage of students and staffs who agree that they have appropriate technical and learning supports to meet student needs.
  3. (RVS) Percentage of parents and staff who agree that students with special needs are meeting their learning goals.
  • Each student identify (and communicate home) learning goals
  • Ongoing PL and support from Learning Coaches to increase use of assistive technologies and improve use of effective strategies in a ULE
  • Ongoing support for the continued use of flexible & fluid learning spaces

Student-centered decisions propel achievement.

  1. (RVS) Percentage of students, parents, and staff who agree schools have a student-centered focus.


  • Increase visible showcasing of student achievements and community involvement (i.e. art wall, numeracy wall, literacy wall)
  • Create a visible timeline of all events on the wall (pictures and explanations) to showcase student involvement/leadership
  • Student made videos speaking to the learning and leading housed on our school website

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