Goal 2: Learners are Engaged

Real-world, hands-on learning experiences engage learners.

  1. (RVS) Percentage of students and parents who believe teachers help students learn through engaging practices
  2. (RVS) Percentage of students, parents, and staff who agree students are engaged in learning.
  3. (RVS) Percentage of staff that understands and use inquiry and project-based learning.


  • Focus on eco initiatives to become an Earth school with SEEDS
  • PL for staff around effective inquiry based projects
  • Continued focus on student leadership initiatives such as student led assemblies, community outreach projects,etc.

Innovative and effective practices enrich learning.

  1. (AE) Percentage of teachers, parents and students indicating that their school and schools in their jurisdiction have improved or stayed the same the last three years.
  2. (RVS) Percentage of staff satisfied that professional learning has positively impacted their instruction and/or effectiveness.
  3. (RVS) Percentage of students who feel connected, confident, and resilient (SOSQ data).


  • School PL committee to identify and offer ongoing PL for staff identified topics
  • Book studies for staff (including “The 8th Habit” and The Next Steps in Guided Reading)
  • Implement a student lighthouse team to increase student leadership initiatives
  • Create and implement a learning commons 3 phase plan that will reflect how the space is used to enrich learning

Partnerships enhance and fuel learning.

  1. (AE) Percentage of teachers and parents satisfied with parental involvement in decisions about their child’s education.
  2. (RVS) Percentage of staff and parents who agree that the schools build meaningful relationships with home and partnership with the community.


  • Tri-school collaboration with students
  • Continue focus on community outreach (i.e. Friendship Fridays, Leadership Day, ARTember, Bethany Care Centre, Ride of the Mustangs, GEAR, Terry Fox, etc)
  • Visibly show in the school and online, participation and successes of outreach projects and school goals
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