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"Literacy and Numeracy are foundational to successful learning and living. They are life-long and active processes that begin at birth and develop throughout one's lifetime.  Literacy and numeracy enable individuals to reach their full potential, achieve a better quality of life, and contribute to their communities. To discover and make meaning of an increasingly complex and evolving world, students need the confidence and habits of mind to acquire, create, connect and communicate information in a variety of contexts, going beyond the basic skills of reading, writing and solving simple arithmetic problems.  Literacy and numeracy are a shared responsibility." ~ Alberta Education

In support of Rocky View Schools’ vision to ensure students are literate and numerate and are building 21st C competencies, this year our school will continue our purposeful focus on both literacy and numeracy instruction. Beginning with the End in Mind, we know that we want Edwards’ students to leave our school with the tools to be successful leaders for life. Strong literacy and numeracy skills are foundational to this success.

Our ongoing focus on professional learning to build capacity with our staff to best meet the literacy and numeracy needs of each child is essential. A full school focus on grade wide literacy blocks, a book study on Guided Reading, continued use of the CAFÉ strategies through the Daily 5 framework, balanced assessment to ensure that we know that what we are doing is helping our student leaders meet with success are all part of our plan. We will also embed professional learning on numeracy instruction, create student and staff videos demonstrating numeracy strategies, and hold an information night on literacy and numeracy instruction to help ensure our students are literate and numerate, all the while building their 21st C competencies.

Our focus on Universal Learning Environments remains strong. Flexible learning spaces continue to allow our young leaders to learn in whatever way they need. This means they could be standing at a stand up table, sitting on a comfy bean bag chair, stretched out on a carpet, or collaborating at a table. Our staff focuses on building strong relationships with each learner so they know what each student requires to meet with success in all aspects of their learning.

As we continue to foster a love of learning our whole community will celebrate the incredible learning and leading that our students engage in during two sets of student learning showcases where students will lead their families through their literacy and numeracy learning, focused on the 21st C competencies. Families will be able to watch their children grow in their skills as they access their portfolio of leading and learning on google drive any time throughout the school year.

When home and school synergize, we know that “Together, all of our leaders will learn succeed, lead!"

Peter Fultz, Principal

A PDF version of the School Education Plan can be downloaded here.

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