Student Learning at Edwards

Students at École Edwards are learning on a dual track system with English classrooms and French classrooms. We put building relationships and trust first, in order to help stduents feel a sense of belonging and that they are cared for. When teachers and staff are planning for how to best meet student needs, they learn about the students strengths and interests first. Students have choices in thier learning experiences and we strive to keep them engaged, on task, and reflective in thier learning, while increasing thier level of independence and mastery.

We wish for everyday to be a success for every stduent at school. Learning goals look different for every learner, whether it be for academics, social, emotional, medical, or other learning needs, we are responsive in our support for thier learning. For information about our services and supports with Rocky View Schools, click here.

At École Edwards, we are a team. The teacher and parent best support each child, alongside assistants, our Child Development Advisor (CDA), Inclusion Teachers, and administration, when needed. We work together to ensure universal design for learning approaches are in place and when needed we create Student Success Plans to support specific student needs. To learn more about RVS' Practice Guide for Inclusion, click here.

We are always here to help - reach out to your child's teacher first for questions or concerns.


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