Grade 4 Helpful Websites

Here is a list of websites, both French and English that are useful for home practice.
French games and videos
Aqua Math
French math games
Math games
The Leader in Me
Information on the Seven Habits of Happy Kids
Literacy Center Education Network
French reading and writing
Language Guide
French vocabulary
Mini tfo
French games and videos
Math activities
Digital Dialects
French spellings, words, and pronunciation
Up to Ten
Instill the base of ten with your child through gaming.
Math games
Use this link for some math games with your children at home.
Book Treasures
Books to enhance learning through literacy
The Daily 5 Alive!
A video introduction to the Daily 5
This website introduces and reinforces letter sounds and also contains a series of stories that focus on letter sounds and word families.
Reading Instructor
Step by step 'how to' from leading authors on assisting your child with their reading at home.
This site is a great site for online fiction and nonfiction stories. Please contact me if you would like the username and password.
Word Work Activities
Students can practice learning more words on this website.
Perhaps you are ready to challenge your child with spelling all the sight words he/she has been continuing to learn. Correct spelling makes reading your own writing much easier.
Little Bird Tales
Combine your child's art and writing to create beautiful stories!
Number grid to 100 to reinforce numeration
Math Cats
Fun math for kids!
Multi-Subject Website
This site contains an assortment of games that focus on Math, Literacy and other subject skills.
Computer Keyboarding Practice
This British website teaches students basic typing skills.
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