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Bonjour les familles de 3BL,

Our learning journey continues in 3BL.

En français, we continue "les 5 au quotidien".  We are exploring the vowel sounds /on/, and /un/.  We have added to our list of letters in cursive:  s, d, & m. We are now able to write words in cursive like, “sud”, “du pain”, “un dé”, “monde”, “maman”, dime, slime, side, dial & and. We continue to investigate the life cycles of certain animals in "Sciences".  In "Études sociales", we are exploring the concept of the quality of life of animals in Airdrie and continue to look at the map of Alberta and where to find our favourite cities and towns in the province.  In "Mathématiques", our daily number analysis is helping us to better represent number in the hundreds.  Numerical patterns are all around us and we are also creating some of our own.  We have begun decreasing patterns.  In English Language Arts, 3BL is investigating long and short vowel sounds.  We continue with our "Writer's Workshop".  Mme shared more texts with us including, Chico the Brave, Tire le bouchon, fiston!, The Giving Tree and The Rainbow Fish.

Please be sure to pick a time to meet with me during the 3-Way Conferences next Wednesday and Thursday between 4:30 and 7:30.  The 3-Way Conference booking will be open to parents on Friday October 18, 2019 at 6:00 a.m.

Our Learning Commons day is Tuesday and your child can borrow up to 3 books.  We are encouraging all students to take out 2 books in French and 1 in English.

Our ÉEES sight word program evaluations are well underway!  Our day is Thursday in 3BL, however, if volunteers are unable to complete all of the evaluations, every effort is made to finish up on Fridays.  Should the volunteers be unable to finish up Fridays, then those who were missed become priority for the following week.  Please do not forget to label your child's list or their bag with the word rings.  Merci!

Please provide nutritious, peanut-free and nut-free snacks for your child to eat during our morning and afternoon snack times.  Please also ensure that your child is properly dressed for the weather.

Please be sure to contact me should you have any questions or comments about what's going on at school and in class. Check back regularly for more goings-on in 3Baptiste-Lacasse!

Rhonda Baptiste-Lacasse

(403) 948-5922 local 4779

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