School Showcase

Welcome to our School's Showcase! This space is designed to feature and celebrate the innovative 21 Century Teaching and Learning that is taking place in our building. Please check back often to see the amazing things our school community is engaged in.

Two Music sites for our summer practice

1) To celebrate Canada's 150th birthday, the Calgary Philharmonic Orchestra struck an agreement with granting free access for Canadian residents. Students need to create a username and password so that the program can track their activity and progress. I love this one as it hones users analytical listening, which has a strong correlation to literacy success.


Lots of online "experiments" to develop understanding of sound production.

2016 Kindergarten Christmas Concert

Watch the video of our Kindergarten Christmas Concert


2016 Grade 1 Christmas Concert

The grade 1 students perform in the Christmas Concert.


2016 Grade 2 Christmas Concert

The grade 2 students perform in the Christmas Concert.


2016 Grade 5 Christmas Concert

The grade 5 students perform in the Christmas Concert.


Our Rock Garden

As part of their Science unit on Rocks & Minerals, the grade 3 English classes designed and built a rock garden in our school yard.


Working Together

Two grade 3 students explain how the parts of the ear work together as part of their study of Sound and Hearing in Science.


The Froganater 3000

For their Building Devices and Vehicles that Move unit, students in grade 4FI were asked to work alone or in pairs to design and build a vehicle that runs without an engine or battery.  Their car companies had to create a commercial advertising their new vehicle while explaining how it was built and how it works.

These two students share their creation, the Froganater 3000....


Head-Smashed-In Buffalo Jump

Created by a student in grade 4 French Immersion, this video shows Head-Smashed-In Buffalo Jump as an example of how the natural landscape in Alberta was used by the First Nations people to facilitate hunting.

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