École Edwards Staff for 2017/18

Information about our staff for the 2017/18 school year.

École Edwards offers best wishes to the many staff that will be departing for new adventures! A special welcome as well to the new staff that are joining the Edwards family.

Classroom Teachers:

Kindergarten - Mme Willick, Mme Miko, Mme Hamilton, Mr. Milford

Grade 1 - Mme Berlin, Mme Brousseau, Mme Smith, Mme Gibson, Mrs. Kenney, Mrs. Tiffany Harris

Grade 2 - Mme Danielson, Mme Sally, Mme Contant, Ms. Sowers,

Grade 2/3 - Mme MacKay, Ms. Leonard-Glaspey

Grade 3 - Mme Ouellette, Mme Baptiste, Mme Wells, Mme Crystal Lung/ Mme Varze, Mrs. Harris

Grade 3/4- Mme Fong

Grade 4 - M Marchand, M Crouteau, Mme Van Eyk, Mrs. Kester, Mrs. Hilderman

Grade 5 - Mme O'Reilly, Mme Curtis, M Verzotti, Mme Marshall, Ms. Dixon, Mrs. Granley

Learning Support and other Specialists:

Learning/ Literacy Support - Mrs. Jacobsen, Mme Cyrzan, Mme Trout

Music - M Kostynuik/ Mme Simon, Mrs. Hennig

Child Development Advisor - Mrs. Butler

Learning Assistants - Mme Durand, Mme Semeteys, Mme Monaghan, Mrs. Holmen, Mrs. Plante-Crough, Mrs. Szaflik, Mrs. Thompson

Learning Commons - Mrs. Williams/Ms. Brownell, Mrs. Line

Office Staff:

Mrs. Audette

Mrs. Moravec

Ms. Keenan

School Technologist:

M Lequin


Assistant Principals - Mme Sawby, Mrs. Gervais

Principal - Mr. Fultz

We look forward to working with Edwards families as we strive together to help our students reach for the stars!

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