Staffing Update

Information about the teachers for the 2016/17 school year.

École Edwards offers best wishes to the many staff that will be departing for new adventures including those who will be part of the second French Immersion site in Airdrie! A special welcome as well to the new staff that are joining the Edwards family.

Our teaching team for 2016/2017 is as follows:

Kindergarten - Mme Trout, Mme Willick/Mme Hamilton, Mr. Milford

Grade 1 - M Jamroziak/Mme Miko, Mme Berlin, Mme Brousseau, Mme Secord, Mrs. Kenney, Ms. Wigmore

Grade 2 - Mme Pond/Mme Danielson, Mme MacKay, Mme Sally, Mme Contant, Ms. Sowers, Ms. Leonard-Glaspey

Grade 2/3 - Mrs. Harris

Grade 3 - Mme Ouellette, Mme Baptiste, Mme Cantin, Mme Hooper, Mrs. Varze

Grade 4 - Mme Schmidt/Mme Soujah, M Marchand, M Crouteau, Mr. MacKenzie, Mrs. Hilderman

Grade 5 - Mme O'Reilly, Mme Curtis, M Verzotti, Mme Marshall, Ms. Dixon, Mrs. Granley

Learning/ Literacy Support - Mrs. Jacobsen, Mme Besenski, Mme Cyrzan

Music - Mme Simon, Mrs. Hennig

Assistant Principals - Mme Sawby, Mrs. Gervais

Principal - Mr. Fultz

We look forward to working with Edwards families as we strive together to help our students reach for the stars!

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