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Bonjour les familles de 3BL!

With the snowy and colder weather upon us, please ensure that your child is dressed for the weather.  Students are expected to have outdoor boots and snowpants, along with a winter coat, hat and mitts or gloves.  They must have a pair of indoor shoes that they change into once they arrive in class.  Their indoor footwear should be suitable for the gymnasium.

We have learned and practiced writing the following letters in cursive:  v, r, j, g, h & k.  We are now able to write words in cursive like, “jus", "genou”, “nager", "chanter", "vert”, “karaté”, “jupe”, "kangourou" and “grenouille”.  Please visit the "Home Practice" section to see an image of all of the letters that we have learned to date.  Also found in this section are images of "The Zones of Regulation" that we learn about in Santé and examples of how we practice Number Sense in Mathématiques.  This week in Études sociales we continue to use Informational Text structure to take notes about the following celebrations:  Ramadan, Diwali, Kwanzaa, Hanukkah, Chinese New Year and Christmas.  En Arts, we will continue to work on our "Bonhomme fondu" projects, based on the story, "Le bonhomme d'Hélène".  We each created some wonderful math games to play with our Grade One buddies and in groups of 5, we created math boards games to share in 3BL.  En français, nous faisons le théâtre de lecture.  We will be presenting our holiday-themed skits next Friday.

The RVS Public Portal to view your child's progress in Grade Three is once again open for Term Two.  Please contact me should you require further information about this site.  Please initial and return the Report Card envelopes and the signed Skating Permission forms.  A reminder that we will begin our skating sessions in January 2019.  (January 16th, January 22nd, January 30th & February 5th).

Our Learning Commons day is Wednesday and your child can borrow up to 3 books.  We are encouraging all students to take out 2 books in French and 1 in English.

Please continue to provide nutritious, peanut-free and nut-free snacks for your child to eat during our morning and afternoon snack times.

THEME WEEK: (December 17th - 21st)

Monday December 17th-Holiday hair/Christmas hat

Tuesday December 18th-Dress like a Grinch character

Wednesday December 19th-Holiday colour clothing (dress in red, white, green)

Thursday December 20th-Holiday T-shirt or sweater

Friday December 21st-Pyjama Day!


Check back regularly for more goings-on in 3Baptiste-Lacasse!


Rhonda Baptiste-Lacasse

(403) 948-5922 local 4779

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